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Rat and mice trapping service

Step one: Inspection is the key to solving the issue for good. We will conduct a thorough inspection of the structure to locate rodent entry holes, landscaping corrections, rodent dropping, and for exterior population control stations. 


Rodent trapping for mice is a lot easier then trapping for rats. Mice are found on ground level due to the fact the are not as good of a climber as rats are.  Mice need to be control quickly, due to having a breeding cycle faster the rats. 


Rodent trapping for rats can be a little tricky. The babies are about the mouse and are very good climbers ( If dropping are found on the counter tops its most likely rats ). The Adult rat can become very smart at avoid traps and also protect the younger  rats by marking traps as a danger. Rat problem are usually discover by the sound of scathing in walls and the ceiling. Know if your dealing with mice or rats may determine your success on treating with the proper traps.

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