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Rodent Control Services


Orange County Rat Control's five step process to eradicate rodent from your home or business  that will ensure the quickest possible results. 


Step one: Inspection 


Step two: Sealing entry holes


Step Three: Rodent trapping


Step Four: Population Control


Step Five: Rodent Clean up


Servicing Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles Counties.


Orange County Rat Control technicians have a minimum of 8 years solving rodent issues in Southern California. Solving rodent issue is never a easy task, but rest assure will do the job right.  Guaranteed!  

rodent inspection service
Rodent Inspection

Inspection is the key to solving the issue for good. We will conduct a thorough inspection of the structure to locate rodent entry holes, landscaping corrections, rodent dropping, and for exterior population control stations.

rodent proofing rats and mice
Sealing Enrty Holes

Sealing entry holes once the inspection determined how many entry holes need to be sealed.  Sealing rodent entry holes with steel screen must be done to stop new rodent from getting in and trap the ones already inside, to force the to the traps. 

rodent trapping and removal
Rodent Trapping Service

Rodent trapping is the best way to get rodent out of the home, so you can dispose of the rodent once caught. Rodent baiting on the interior should be avoided to prevent dead rodent in your walls. Trapping may take many visit to reset and remove caught rodent on traps, depending on the population of them. 


exterior rodent control service
Population Control

Population Control is important in areas like Orange County due to the high rat population. When to many rodent get near your home they end up chewing new holes in to the structure or running in when doors are left open.

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